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First of all, yes, I have been gone for a while. I am now moved in with my boyfriend and am kinda settled in. I've started drawing again, I stopped after I moved, I just didn't have the energy. Unfortunately. . . most of what I've been drawing has been Mandalas and WoW references. God. Help. Me. Anyhoot!

Question time:

I got this. . . Llama badge thing. Which, thank you littlestyo for that, but, what is it? does it do anything? I mean, Llama's are awesome, but what's with the badge thing?

Second thing, Why did they change the layout, my brain hurts now?
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Well, first of all, I apologize for my absence. I have been putting my focus into senior year, job hunts, my family, so on and so forth, and I've sort of moved over to gartnerillustration.blogspot.c… here and here and… here. Do enjoy.

~ The Lady
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This has nothing to do with devart, I just figure I should post for once since Nov. 18th. . .

It seems that my friends can talk me into a lot more than I would prefer to admit. . . From piercing the cartilage of my ears to. . . well, eating a scorpion. Yes ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, they convinced me to eat a scorpion so they can film it. Most people walk past the weird scorpion and other insect treats, some buy them as gag gifts, oh no, not MY friends. How they convince me to do these things is beyond me.

Dawning my college sweater, I faced the scorpion, and ingested it. It tasted like popcorn kernels and coffee grounds and had about that texture. Apparently they're bringing meal worms next. . .

Bring it on.

The Lady has spoken.
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It seems as though, it has been near forever since I updated this. Allow me to recap. (This might be a tad random).

Happy b-day shout outs to (in order) SpoonyPOEM, Me, LillieStarFaun, and tothineownselfbetrue. (All within a month's time). Happy Mother @#$%en Birthday bitches. Huh, I have to update my age now. Lookit that.

The play I'm in, the Bald Soprano, preforms this Saturday, Nov. 22 at 8pm.

I got a new computer from apple, for free as Virgil was not yet out of warranty. However, this new (assumed better) computer has a defective video card and yet still has to go back to Apple to get that replaced.

On a brighter note, I, now, have a tablet. If you cannot tell. As such, I have been doodling my brains out.(Now if I could just see my screen) More to follow.

Well, anyway, looks like it's time to hit the ol' dusty trail! I have been busy, very busy. But I'll get those updates up, and some are actually DECENT!

Have a wonderous day, and may all your fried chicken be crispy.
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Well. . . Life without a computer is not. . . . IMPOSSIBLE. . . just . . . a pain in my rear.  

That's right folks, Virgil is STILL in the hands of the evil overlords, Mac.

But it's not been SO bad. I mean, I'm still alive. It's strange, 10, 15 years ago I don't think this would have been such a problem. It's a funny thing to watch though. Take away someone's ipod, laptop, and cellphone away from them for, oh, I don't know, a month. I think it would be an amusing study to see how people would fare.

I'm at the school computers attempting to research colleges abroad for next semester right now, *crosses her fingers and hopes for an Oxford school*.

Anyway, I think it should be a study. It would amuse me greatly. How would YOU fare?
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Okay, so it seeeeems that where I was staying was devoid of internets, no big deal since the day before we left Virgil had to be rushed to the mac hospital the morning we caught our flight, quite literally, right before we left.

*******Skip to bottom for importanter stuffs.

The Trip:
The flights- not as bad as I thought, not as good as I had imagined.
Give Kids the World Village- An amazing place for only families with life threateningly ill children. Colorful, gave us a Villa to stay in, devoid of teh internets, but an amazing place for children. (And they have cool people come in to meet the kids. And people like Miss America).
Disneh.- Magic Kingdom treated her like royalty. Make-A-Wish is like the emblem of omigod give her ATTENTION. Epcot, well, I love epcot, but for her it kinda sucked. Animal Kingdom- was actually pretty awesome. Really, I enjoyed it, even when Pocahontas was whiter than me. . .
Seaworld- um. . . . . it was. . . . okay?
Universal- Went with just my dad, Universal is lame, but Islands of Adventure is the shiz. RIDE THE HULK. BEST RIDE EVAR. (Got my picture with Rogue Storm and Cyclops too!)
Universal Horror Nights!!!!!!!- I WENT. HELLA FUN. Nothing to be TOOOOOO excited about, but it made Universal a hella lot cooler. It was fun. Got a T-shirt.

*******Summary Done.

All in all, the trip was pretty awesome, it was all about my sister, so I didn't get a chance to do any shopping really, but s'all good. Make-A-Wish and Give Kids the World really does deserve my gratitude. I am planning a fundraiser for the two coming soon, any interest in helping let me know. <3

~Lady Lu
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Well, see, while surfing through my Devart, I realized that, although I do have paintings up here, they are not treated with the "love" and "respect" that I should treat them with, so I'm planning on re-photographing nearly all of my paintings, and updating the images of them.

Also, on the same lines, since my Pickles and Ofdenson seems to be getting the MOST views and the MOST favs of my whole gallery. . . . it also is getting redone. ^_^() I promise, it will be no less hilarious. Guaranteed.

**Also! My lovely friend VerlVerl has posted a list of her favorite pieces from her buddies ^_^ Including me. I admire her immensely, and she is a much more hardcore amazing holy-cow artist than I. Go look at her stuff. Really.**

~The Lady has spoken.
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So I have been working on my SL internship. It's gotten a lot less confusing. My supervisor is pretty cool. Silly, but cool. And I corrupted another RL friend into SL.

The Lady of Conviction herself:…

Lady Conviction's buddy. After an all day anti-n00bing fest: (She can ask me to take this down if she desires).…

I know, it's ultra nerdy of me. I mean, ULTRA nerdy.
But whatcha gonna do? Anyway. If you can't tell who this friend is by her looks and avatar style. . . well. I'm sorry?

Anyway, all recent stuff I'm putting up, i'm probably taking down. i hate those two new ones, they are going to scraps asap. *waves* buh-bye stupid piccies.

~Lady of Conviction, Lady Luna
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Ho-ly CRAP. My mother just pointed out three WHITE HAIRS growing out of my head. . . WHITE HAIRS. I'M 20!!!

In other news. My internship is going decently. We have a show coming up on/around Sunday, (3pm SLT for all you SLers). I'm writing up a press release for it right now and so on. It's about the moon. Anyway. There's some interesting stuff.

I've been busy with that. Which has been interesting and kind of sucky. Between my Internship and running the Gypsy camp in world, I feel like SL's become more of a responsibility than a game. . . it doesn't help that I'm BROKE in there.

Anyway. I'm goin grey. at 20. Bah.

~The Lady.
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To anyone just browsing my gallery, or poking the site from my gallery on SL. Thank you for stopping by! Enjoy. I'll be putting more pastels and more GD work up soon. Lots of each. I still have like 3 paintings to get up here and I am TRYING to work on new work.

To any of my friends reading this. I am seriously trying to work on new work, but summer blues really kick in hard this summer. It's just too dang HOT to pull out my oil paints. The smell just never goes away... O.o It's like when I tried to paint my nails. . . the smell just STAYED there.

Anyway, The lady has spoken. ^_~ Peace!
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I must say, the newest episode of Metalocalypse is hilarious and metal, all at once. And I have much love for it. Poor Ofdensen, he tries so hard. Unfortunately, there was one part that made me die a little inside. I don't know how this happened. I have no idea.…
This screenshot makes me die a little inside. No, no, not just a LITTLE, this screenshot makes me die a LOT inside. . . . a lot. . . Brendan Small, not that you would ever visit my blog. . . but. . . WHY?
And if you don't understand what I am saying, let's play Where's Waldo shall we? Can anyone here find… this image?

Not that this is the end of the world but, MURDERFACE. . . Come on. . . MURDERFACE? Any other one of them. . . Any one. but MURDERFACE.
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Now, I never would have thought I would find myself saying this, but I am getting old. Wait, no, I have said that before, a lot. But really now, this realization came while flipping through some old sketches in an (you guessed it) old sketchbook. I realized I hadn't tried to draw Sephiroth in a long time. I figured, eh, why not. So I picked up my pencil and began to draw. . .

If this didn't come out of my own mouth I don't think I would have accepted it, "Well then, isn't Sephiroth such a pretty lady. . . god he's feminine. . . He seriously looks like a CHICK. . . . no wonder my parents thought I was a lesbian in middle school. . .". O.o

I still don't know if I can handle that level of realization. All I know is that I've moved past him, and half of my other fangirl crushes. . . well, most of them actually. I'm onto bigger, better, more masculine things.

. . . my poor child hood. . . WHY SQUARE ENIX, WHY??

On another hand I have a cold from hell. Major sux0rz. Aaaand I just burned my guitar hand.
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So, I was thinking the other day. . . (yes, it did hurt)

If I end up being the lonely single crazy lady with the millions of cats on the corner, so be it, I'm going to make myself the BEST, CRAZIEST cat lady around! If I end up living in a van down by the river, than so be it, but I'll be damned if that van doesn't have the words "SHAGGIN' WAGON" scribbled across the side in an ugly 70's stencil. If I end up painting taxidermy fish for my life's career, I'm gonna make those THE most hardcore lifelike plaster molds the world has ever seen!

I am GOING to get me a boyfriend, not one to "settle" for, oh no, I dont want a discount WalMart boyfriend, I'm goin to Men's Warehouse for mine! I am GOING to find my way to tour Europe, even if it means stowing in an animal crate with a floppy pair of faux fur ears and a painted black nose.

I am a woman of many words and few actions, I go where the wind takes me and take the wind where I go. I'm a poor arse betch with a rich taste and a level head. I am ME, and if that isn't something to be proud of now, you just watch and wait, it will be my friend, it WILL be.

~Lady Luna
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Okay, so I'm what, on day three here? I have how many pieces up, and I keep drawing more. . . more really bad ones instead of a few really good ones. But it is so WONDERFUL to draw for MYSELF instead of for work or school! I'm addicted again. I can't stop drawing really BAD fanart. I mean seriously, I woke up at 1am because I wanted to draw Ofdensen and myself. (A picture which I am still debating posting, it might be too cute for my own good).

BUT I CAN STOP ANYTIME!!! . . . I hope. O.o

Addicted to drawing,
Lady Conviction, Lady Luna
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Well, now off and running with a few little pieces, lets see. . . paintings, more paintings, a couple doodles, more doodles. . . some fan art. . . a poster . . . Deathsilk. Why are there still no pastels up? Because, I am lazy. Yes sir. Lazy. I don't feel like photographing the buggers. Also to come is my Dethklok/Deathsilk crossover comic which people are going to either love me or hate me for, but I want to get that colored.

For that. . .I need a tablet. Oh tablet, I miss you so. (Stupid Mouse).

Your Lady Conviction, Lady Luna Ofdensen
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Kunsthaus, Art Gallery, I guess is started then. Mostly sketches, a few paintings, fanart, fan giggly rants, and comedic illustrations and facts are to go here I guess. That being said, I should upload something. Mm, in due time.
Lucky for me, and unlucky for you, my scanner is broken and my camera is out of batteries.

~Lady Luna Ofdensen of Kunsthaus
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