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Jasira the warrior Dryad by Kunsthaus Jasira the warrior Dryad by Kunsthaus
Sooo, this is another one of those things, those World of Warcraft things? Btw Blizzard, playable Dryads, all the way. I know I know, lore says they're treated as freaks if they adventure, but who (besides me) reads the lore anyway? More of my shame, but I kind of like this one.
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Nebas Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2010
I read the lore too :)

And I support playable dryads and keepers. Plus, aren't night elves treated like freaks by the other members of the Alliance? so dryads beeing treated the same wouldn't change much.
Kunsthaus Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2010
I think the Draenei are currently the blacksheep of the alliance (I mean, space goats fighting demons they are closely related to (eredar)), that is, until the worgen come to play.

:D But yeah, Dryads as a playable race, FTW! (btw, thanks for faving it, AND commenting :D)
Nebas Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2010
You're right about that, Draenei are treated like freaks too. The difference the way I see it though is that the draenei try to be friendly and helpful to everyone which is why they integrate faster, while night elves are just helpful.

If you want look at the draenei and night elves in Northrend: the draenei are present in Alliance towns (and only turned down because the leader of the town was mind-controlled, and the night elves have their own "town"). Same in Outland really, except there gnomes even stood with night elves and got kicked out.

About worgen not sure what to say, depends if they stay in their human form or worgen one ;)

And terribly sorry, I just pressed favorite without saying what a great drawing it is :) Only one small comment, her front legs seem a bit small compared to rest of body, especialy her right front leg.
Kunsthaus Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2010
Haha, yeah, I noticed that little detail too. it looked better in the original sketch, but since I don't have a scanner. You know how translation gets. Eventually I'll go change it, but as it's a doodly sketch thing. . . hehehe. Thank you though! I do enjoy feedback.

And I must say, I didn't think of the separations of the towns that way. I usually worked it out that the night elves were part of nature, and didn't really want to destroy it to live in fancy buildings or by mines or anything to that sort. Dwarves and humans LOVE mining and logging it seems, but it destroys the forest, which is something the night elves and dryad (members usually found at night elven outposts) are against, they want to live with it instead of using it to live. That being said, why the gnomes join them occasionally, I figured it as them wanting to establish an identity of their own, separate from the dwarves of Ironforge. Although the three races (humans dwarves and gnomes) were all rumored to be evolutions of titan creations (Vrykul, earthen dwarves, and mechagnomes), where the night elves are rumored to be descendants of trolls. And of course, the Draenei are descendants of demons. Just some silly observations. :D
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October 21, 2010
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